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Welcome to compado!

Welcome to our product comparison portal! It is our goal to suggest the right product that fits your exact needs. Therefore we work with external experts, who help us to compare the products in terms of quality, price performance and various other product attributes.

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Who are our experts?
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We work with both internal and external experts. An expert is qualified through either education or regular use and in-depth knowledge of certain products and categories.

How do we test products?
We test them like this:
Comparisons Internal product testing Recommendations and studies

We use all available sources to compare products. The amount of products that we test and review personally grows every single day.

How do I become an expert?
Just send a writing sample and become an expert:

Think you possess the expertise required to judge and recommend certain products to both friends and strangers? Apply now to become an external expert.

Meet some of our experts

Meet some of our experts

Stefano Richard H. Franziska K. Deborah J. Mary A. Tinfoot T.


My name is Stefano and I’m an avid traveller with a tendency to constantly pick up new interests. Because of that, my interests cover a very broad spectrum: cooking (from traditional cuisine to inventing my own creative recipes), fast cars and car repairs, technology and electronic gadgets, outdoors, literature and fine arts (especially 18th and 19th century)… the list is too long to quote in its entirety! Because I’m a very fast learner, I’m always the go-to person among friends and family when it comes to advice for purchases.

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Richard H.

Technology passionate, geek to the bone, I am here to help you decide what electronic product it´s better for you. Follow my reviews, choose the right product!

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Franziska K.

Hi, I'm Franziska! I'm a technophile, and I’ve been frequently called a nerd :D I'm both an electronics expert and a beauty & feminine products fanatic.

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Deborah J.

I am a young woman living alone and cooking is my passion, that´s why I like writing reviews for Compado. Follow me for any Kind of advice on all the products a chef's aspirant needs!

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Mary A.

Hello, I’m Mary. I am an expert for everything the modern woman might need. From fashion to electronics to self-defense equipment, I know them all and I am here to provide you with some useful tips and product tests.

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Tinfoot T.

As both a regular online consumer and reviewer, I focus on how any given product may, or may not, meet expectations and desires in a crowded Online Market. This often calls for providing general consumer education on certain technicalities since a critical part of a happy purchase experience is understanding the mechanical intent and practical function. Also, along with objective observations, I will try to qualify my subjective feelings and exemplify personal usage scenarios. Video and text content tend to cover the same overall material in order to meet differing presentation preferences, yet significant differences do exist between the two. Video allows me to visually illustrate & demonstrate what text may not fully convey. On the other hand, the text portion will have deeper detail and nuance. In the end, my primary concern is bringing forth points for your own pre-purchasing considerations, be it personally positive or negative.

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